Sinotruk > Spare Parts > sinotruk howo truck parts AZ9231330990 middle axle housing

sinotruk howo truck parts AZ9231330990 middle axle housing

sinotruk howo truck parts AZ9231330990 middle axle housing

sinotruk howo truck parts AZ9231330990 first axle housing
Application SINOTRUK series parts used for all series trucks in HOWO& HOWO A7
Part No. AZ9231330990
Name AZ9231330990 first axle housing

Packaging & Shipping:


Packaging Factory Package
Shipping From Qingdao by railway or by sea
Packaging Details At customer's require
POS Number of part Quantity Standard specification Designation
1 AZ9231330990 1   First axle housing
2 Q5211016 1   Pin
3 190003962021 1   Screw
4 WG9231330015 1   Magnet plug
5 Q72336 1   Gasket
6 190003989290 1   Croe plug
7 WG9231330105 1   Breather
8 WG9231330106 1   Hosepipe
9 Q151C1230TF2 12   Screw
10 Q40312 16   Washer
11 190003810631 4   Stud
12 190003888457 4   Nut
13 WG2297Y4835 1   Nameplate
14 190003904529 2   Screw
15 WG9014330126 1   Lever
16 1680M 320015 1   O-ring
17 WG9112330016 1   Pin
18 WG9231330808 1   Pin
19 WG9231330809 1   Pin
20 Q43705 1   Snap ring
21 Q1200850F3 1   Stud
22 WG61000060084 1   Sleeve
23 Q40108 1   Washer
24 Q33208 1   Nut
25 WG9231340944 1   Bracket
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