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Sinotruk International Tractor Head Truck Sale

product name Sinotruk International Tractor Head Truck Sale

Sinotruk International Tractor Head Truck Sale




Driving type: 6x4


HW70 standard cab / HW76 lengthened cab / HW79 high roof cab(Side wind scooper to lower wind resistance of sides for tractor truck), basic equipment: no / one / two sleeper, new-style seat, adjustable safety steering wheel, EURO new type heating & ventilating system; with large size LCD screen, Germany VDO instrument and electric control block, four points floating air suspension(front coil spring, rear air spring) and shock absorbers for highway vehicle,four points floating air spring suspension and shock absorbers for off-highway vehicle;transverse stability installation,double locking safety belt and external sun shade for various mode.


Horse power:

266HP(196KW) / 290HP(213KW) / 336HP(247KW) /371HP(273KW)


9.726 (L) liter

Max torque:

1100Nm / 1160Nm / 1350Nm / 1500Nm at 1100-1600 rpm

Cylinder diameter / stoke:

126mm / 130mm

WD615.62 / WD615.87 / WD615.69 / WD615.47 diesel engine, EURO 2 emission standard. 6 cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging & inter-cooling. 4 stroke direct injection diesel engine. Compression ratio: 17:1. Full load fuel consumption: 193g/kwh; Rated revolution: 2200RPM. Engine net weight: 850KG

Gear box


HW13710 / HW15710 / HW19710 / HW19712


10 / 12 drive, 2 reverse. Max torque:1390NM / 1500NM / 1500NM / 1900NM

HW13710 SINOTRUK 10 speed manual type transmission, the first shift gear ratio: 14.08, Gear ratio:1=14.08, 2=10.47, 3=7.82, 4=5.82, 5=4.35, 6=3.24, 7=2.41, 8=1.80, 9=1.34, 10=1, R1=12.67, R2=2.91

HW15710 /HW19710 SINOTRUK10 speed manual type transmission, the first shift gear ratio: 14.28, Gear ratio:1=14.28, 2=10.62, 3=7.87, 4=5.88, 5=4.38, 6=3.27, 7=2.43, 8=1.80, 9=1.34, 10=1, R1=13.91, R2=3.18

HW19712 SINOTRUK 12 speed manual type transmission, the first shift gear ratio: 15.01,Gear ratio:1=15.01, 2=11.67, 3=9.03, 4=7.14, 5=5.57, 6=4.38, 7=3.34, 8=2.67 ,9=2.06, 10=1.63, 11=1.27, 12=1, R1=13.81, R2=3.16

Small ratio grade difference and big first shift ratio produce an excellent performance on start up.

Front axle

1×HF7 / HF 9, 7 / 9 ton axle load, rigid stub axle with double T- cross section and dish / drum brake.

Rear axle

2xHC16 / MCY13, HC16 heavy casting hub reduction drive axle with super loading ability, excellent performance on start-up with heavy load and slope climbing. MCY13 dish type axle, adopting high-strength pressed welded housing with reliable design and simple structure, light weight, comfortable start, high safe coefficient and easy maintenance.


ZF8098 power steering, hydraulic steering with power assistance.


Single-plate dry coil-spring clutch, diameter 430mm, hydraulically operating with air assistance.


Service brake: Dual circuit compressed air brake.

Parking brake: Spring energy, storage air-break brake.

Engine brake: Engine exhausted gas brake.

Electric Equipment

Operating voltage:

24V negative grounded

Battery voltage:

12V/165Ah,cigar lighter

Tire & Rim

295/80R22.5; 315/80R22.5; 11.00R20; 12.00R20; 11.00-20; 12.00-20.

Overall dimension (mm)

6,800 X 2,496 X 2,958 / 3,718 / 3,563 / 3,668 (L X W X H)

Total Mass (Kg)


Trailer Total Mass (Kg)


Curb Weight (kg)


Maximum Speed (km/h)

80 / 90 / 102


White, red, yellow, green, blue.

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