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HOWO Light Truck common type

HOWO Light Truck common type

Dimensions (mm)
Vehicle Model ZZ1107G381CD1 ZZ1107G421CD1 ZZ1107G451CD1
Cab width   2080 2080 2080
L1 Wheelbase   3800 4200 4500
L2Front overhang   1160 1160 1160
L4Rear overhang   1850 1980 2155
L6 Centre line of front axle to back of cab - without sleeper 481 ---- ----
  - with sleeper 781 781 781
B1 Frontwheel track   1805 1805/1845 1805/1845
B3 Rear wheel track   1595 1610/1545 1610/1545
B4 Width across rear tyres   2010 2010 2010
L Chassis length   6810 7340 7815
B2 Chassis width   2180 2180 2180
H1Chassis height without air spoiler   2350 2350 2350
Overall length with cargo box   6995 7445 7995
Overall width with cargo box   2350 2350/2498 2350/2498
Overall height with cargo box   2450 2450/2650/2850 2450/2650/2850
H2Frame height - laden 896 896 896
  - unladen 993 993 993
L5Recommendedinside box sizes length - without sleeper 5150 ---- ----
- with sleeper 4850 5200 5750
width   2150 2150/2300 2150/2300
height   550 550/600 550/600


Weights (kg)
Gross vehicle weight (GVW) 9990 9990 11200
Complete vehicle kerbweight 4895 4995 5095
Chassis kerbweight 4225 4265 4295


Maximum speed (km/h) 107 107 107
Maximum gradeability (%) 35 35 35
Minimum turning diameter (mm) 15.5 16.8 18.5
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 210 210 210
Fuel consumption (L/100km) 18~23


Engine- EuroⅢ/Ⅳ  
Parameters Features  
ISF3.8s4154T / ISF3.8s3154Tfor 2080 cab 3800wheelbase, 4-cylinder in-line, 3.76litre, diesel
Rated power: 154PS@2600rpm, Maximum torque: 500Nm@1200~1900rpm

ISF3.8s4168T / ISF3.8s3168Tfor 2080 cab other wheelbase, 4-cylinder in-line, 3.76litre, diesel
Rated power: 168PS@2600rpm, Maximum torque: 600Nm@1300~1700rpm
Turbo-charging and Intercooling
Electric heating for intake air
Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR)for Euro Ⅳ
Gearboxand Clutch   Axles   Braking System  
WLY6G120 for 154 or 168 Ps
6-speed manual controlgearbox
4-1.406 5-1.00 6-0.786
Maximum input torque: 700Nm
Rated rotation speed: 2600rpm
Front1061, enhance forging I-beam
Drum brake
TypeAir brake system  
Service brakeDual-circuit air brake  
Rear1080, pressed welding axle housing
Drum brake
Ratio: 4.875
Parking brake Spring energy brake  
Auxiliary brakeExhaustbrake(Option)  
Wheels &Tyres  
FrontVPD028QB, forging I-beam axle
Disk brake
Tyres 8.25R16LT  
RearMCY05, pressed welding axle housing, drum brake
Ratio: 5.286
Wheels 6.50-16  
Φ380 diaphragm spring clutch,
single plate
ZF6S500 for 154PS
6-speed aluminum manual control gearboxRatio:
1-6.202-3.293-2.034-1.37 5-1.00 6-0.78R1-5.68
Maximum input torque: 500Nm
Rated rotation speed: 2600rpm
Front Semi-elliptical leaf springs with shock
Material High tensile steel  
Section 215x 70 x 6 mm  
Rear Semi-elliptical leaf springs with shock
Frame width Front 800 mm / rear 800mm  
General Equipment  
Fuel Tank  
Capacity 120 Liter Fuel filter with water separator  
WLY6T53 for 154PS
6-speed manual control gearboxRatio:
1-8.802-5.573-3.294-2.11 5-1.54 6-1.00R1-8.18
Maximum input torque: 480Nm
TypeAluminum,lockable 25Liters AdBluetank for Euro Ⅳ  
Electrical System Sun visor  
Roof flap  
Voltage 24 V Battery main switch  
Batteries2x12V, 120 Ah Heating & ventilation system  
Φ350 diaphragm spring clutch,
single plate for ZF and WLY6T53
Alternator Power 24V/70A Air conditioner  
Starter Power 3.6KW Air dryer  
Steering System Radio+MP3  
Exhaust System Options:  
Cylindrical muffler Power steering Electric power windows  
Selective Catalytic Reduction for
Euro Ⅳ(SCR)
Adjustable steering wheel Anti-lock braking system(ABS)  
  Metallic paint (except white)  

HOWOLight Truck(4x2 Rigid)

Cab option

Cab dimensions(mm)


Cab type   A   B   C   F   H   I   M
Single sleeper 1438 1096 275 870 2080 1933 360
Without sleeper 1438 1096 275   2080 1653  
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