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371hp Sinotruk 8x4 40 Ton Howo Tipper Truck

product name 371hp Sinotruk 8x4 40 Ton Howo Tipper Truck

371hp Sinotruk 8x4 40 Ton Howo Tipper Truck
Vehicle Main Dimensions Overall dimensions (L x W x H)mm 10310×2500×3400,11050x2496x3450mm
Wheel base (mm) 1800+3500+1350
Wheel track (front/rear) (mm) 2022/1830
Approach/Departure angle(°) 16/23
Weight in KGS Tare Weight 15200
Payload 45000
Engine Brand Sinotruk
Model WD615.96E/WD615.47
Type 4-stroke direct injection , 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling
Horse Power(HP) 375HP/371HP
Emission standard Euro 3/2
Max. driving speed(km/h) 80
Gearbox HW19710, 10 Forwards gear & 2 reverse gear
Clutch Reinforced diaphragm clutch, diameter 430mm
Steering Gear ZF 8098,power steering, hydraulic steering with power assistance
Fuel tank (L) 400L
Tire 12.00R20 with one spare
Brakes Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake :(emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake
Bin size 7300*2500*3000 mm/8000x2300x1500mm
side is 6 mm, front and bottom 8 mm
Hydraulic system HYVA cylinder, front lift

1.For mining use:


A short wheel base could improve the strength of the frame and vehicle trafficability. For transmission, 10 speed transmission with bigger input torque is acceptable. For engine, we recommend 371 HP. For drive axle, mine use drive axle is required with double reduction, differential lock and inter differential. For tires, we recommend the radial tire like 12.00R20. The dump body should be able to carry large stones, and the back door of the body should be movable. The thickness of steel can be made to bottom 16 mm, side and back 12 mm to meet the requirement of the mine. For the lifting system, HYVA front lifting system is strong and stable.


2.For city construction:


These trucks are usually used in city with the driving distance less than 200 km, and the road condition is good. Therefore we recommend you to choose the engine power from 336hp to 380hp. 6x4 and 8x4 driving type are for the different loading weight. For transmission, 10 and 12 speed transmission are optional. For other details, we recommend double reduction axle, ratio from 4.42 to 5.73, and radial tires 12.00R20. For the dimension of the cargo body, 6 * 4 is from 5400mm to 6000mm, and 8x4 is 6200mm to 8500mm.


3.For middle-distance transport:


The driving distance is no more than 200 kilometers, the drive axle can choose 4.42 or 4.8, and 8x4 models could transport more in once time to reduce the cost. 10 and 12 speed transmission is optional. Tubeless tires also is good enough. The dimension of the cargo body is from 6200 mm to 8500 mm, front lifting system.

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